Carmel Church Day 6

We spent another beautiful day expanding our small pit at the quarry, and attempting to make a trench around the vertebrae we uncovered a few days ago. That trench is proving difficult; as often happens, we’re finding other bones in the trench that have to be removed or bypassed. I spent several hours today removing the small rib shown above. I’m a bit intrigued by this rib, since a second rib of the same size and shape was lying under it…

I’ve often stated that there are practically no invertebrate body fossils in the Calvert at Carmel Church. Today, Tim found a specimen that explains the “practically” part of that statement; an inarticulate brachiopod shell (actually, half of a shell):

These are the only invertebrates we’ve identified so far in the Carmel Church Calvert. We’ve collected perhaps a half-dozen of them over the years.

Perhaps the most impressive find of the day, made late in the afternoon, was this enormous crocodilian tooth, probably the largest I’ve ever seen at Carmel Church:

With a clear forecast tomorrow, we’re planning another full day of digging.

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