Carmel Church Day 7

While we’ve been finding a fair amount of bone over the last week, it hasn’t been a huge amount by Carmel Church standards, and it was looking like we might finish early. That changed today, when Tim Livengood found a bunch of new bones on the edge of the pit. Three are visible above: there’s a small curved dolphin rib under the scale bar, the large bone is (I think) a baleen whale lower jaw, and at the left end of that bone is a small vertebra. These are going to take some work to remove.

Here’s the entire pit. The water bottle near the top is sitting next to the first vertebra we found, and the mandible is in the lower right:

Among the other specimens today was a right premaxilla from a fish, probably a drumfish:

The next one is kind of neat. This is a piece of wood in cross section (we get a lot of wood at Carmel Church). Sometime after deposition of the Calvert and burial of the wood, some critters burrowed all the way through the wood. The burrows then filled with the overlying Choptank Formation:

This strange bone was sitting on top of the baleen whale mandible, and and I’m still not completely sure what it is, but I think it’s the right maxilla of a small odontocete:

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