Carmel Church Day 9

There isn’t a great deal of new stuff to report today. We’re down to the gritty work of making trenches around the bones we’ve already found rather than looking for new bones (although we often find them in our trenches). This is some of our most difficult work. While it doesn’t involve moving large amounts of sediment (perhaps 100 pounds), it requires spending large amounts of time in awkward positions, such as Tim going nose-down into the trench (above).

The trenches are going slowly, because we’re finding lots of isolated fish bones and small ribs in the way. The “trench finds” included the Hemipristis tooth (we actually found a bunch of these today):

Also in one of the trenches was this apparent large coproplite:

More Carmel Church wildlife; turkey vultures are often present in the early morning and late afternoon, apparently taking advantage of the strong thermals over the bare rock in the quarry.

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One Response to Carmel Church Day 9

  1. Mike says:

    way to go TIM! show us how it is done.
    Tim is always fun to be around.
    Tim seems to have a nack for finding ribs . . .
    ooh, and also the rare leatherback turtle!

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