Carmel Church Day 11

Today was a fairly brutal 11-hour marathon of trying to make trenches around the exposed bones, in preparation for making plaster jackets. This took on a new urgency this afternoon, as bad weather started moving in. Tim and I were at the site until nightfall, and we managed to get the first of three top jackets made (above) just as the rain started. We quickly covered the pit with a tarp, and we’ll have to see in the morning how conditions look for making our next jacket. Things are supposed to clear up by Saturday, so we shouldn’t lose more than a day.

Here is today’s jacket (Number CCQ-2010-01), just before we put the plaster on (sorry the photo’s a little fuzzy; it was getting dark):

Here’s the same photo, with the visible specimens numbered:

1-4: baleen whale caudal (tail) vertebrae
5, 6: fish vertebrae
7: Carcharocles megalodon tooth
8, 10, 13: mystery bones, probably from whales
9: cetacean thoracic vertebra
11: mysticete axis vertebra (2nd neck vertebra)
12: cetacean rib fragment

There will be many other specimens in this jacket when we open and fully prepare it; this is just what’s visible on the surface.

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