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More Carmel Church kentriodontids

Next week is the 3rd annual SEAVP meeting. I spent most of this week trying to get my talk ready, so I’ve been taking all kinds of new photos and doing some prep work on a few critical bones that I … Continue reading

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World Turtle Day

According to American Turtle Rescue, May 23 is World Turtle Day (hat tip to Clifford Blizard from the Atlanta Nature Examiner for pointing this out). This event reminded me of a short excavation that took place along the Potomac river back in … Continue reading

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New donation, Part 2

I’m still sorting through Ron Ison’s donation of fossils collected from the bottom of several coastal plain rivers in Virginia. One bag of specimens was mostly whale tympanic bullae (one of the ear bones). While the age of these specimen is uncertain, given the … Continue reading

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New donation

I received a phone call yesterday from avocational paleontologist Ron Ison, who wanted to know if VMNH would be interested in some fossil material he had collected while diving in various Virginia rivers. He offered to deliver the material to … Continue reading

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From the collections room (Fraxinopsis aquilonaris)

I’ve been a little slow with new posts because I spent the last week preparing for a site visit from the American Association of Museums (AAM); VMNH is in the midst of the re-accreditation process. With the site visit completed, I can … Continue reading

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