Diplodocid ilium completed

Only a short update today, but a major one in terms of lab activities. At long last we completed our diplodocid ilium! I talked in detail about this bone back in February, so I won’t rehash all that here. Since the February posting, we attached a few more bits and pieces, used a lot of filler to bridge gaps in the bone, and made a two-part permanent storage jacket.The ilium is sitting in half the jacket in the image above. On Monday we made the other half of the jacket, and today confirmed the fit and drilled bolt holes through the plaster so we can fasten the two halves together.

Completing the storage jacket meant that we could finally remove the ilium from our sandbox; tomorrow it will move across the hall into collections storage. Having only one sandbox has proved to be a bottleneck in the lab, since we have so many large animals in our collection. I’m considering getting a second sandbox, but have to decide if I can afford to lose the counterspace.

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