Carmel Church Day 3

Today it was all fish, all the time. One of our first finds this morning was a lower pharyngeal plate covered with small peg-shaped teeth (above). This is probably from a tautog (Tautoga), which are also known from premaxillae from Carmel Church.

After finding a fragment of an apparent fish skull yesterday, Tim found a whole series of disarticulated fish cranial bones in a small area, most or all of which appear to come from a single large fish (with the exception of the tiny vertebra in the lower left of the image):

I find these bones particularly intriguing because they were all found about one foot from the series of large fish vertebrae that we collected last April.

Finally, just before wrapping up in the afternoon, we found this dermal armor plate from a sturgeon:

We’re starting to open up the pit quite a bit now, and I’m actually a little surprised we haven’t found more whale bones yet. I think one thing that has slowed us down is that a lot of this fish material has been found fairly high in the bonebed, and it’s so delicate that it’s pretty time-consuming to remove it.

As I write this there are storms moving into the area, but it’s supposed to be clear and hot tomorrow; hopefully we’ll make a lot of progress.

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