Carmel Church Day 4

It was hot and sunny today, but with a pretty large crew we’ve started to get into more of the unweathered part of the bonebed and get into some fresh bone. Fish bones are still continuing to show up in amazing numbers. Tim has been working one small area that has produced a large number of cranial bones from apparently one fish (he’s just visible, in the blue shirt on the left side of the image, head-down in the pit). Other unrelated fish elements are regularly showing up, like these lower jaw fragments:

We have started getting some other remains besides bony fish. This nice Isurus tooth turned up late today:

We also removed a more-or-less complete caudal (tail) vertebra from a whale, that had actually been partially exposed last April:

The forecast is hot and clear over the next several days, and we’re going to have a large group of diggers until the end of the excavation, so I anticipate a lot of progress over the next week.

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