Carmel Church Day 6

While we put in a full day at the site today, I don’t have a lot of pretty pictures to show off. We have uncovered a bunch of heavily weathered whale bones, that unfortunately require lengthy preparation to look like anything other than lumps of sediment. One nice find today was a fairly large and complete odontocete tooth (above).This tooth is somewhat similar to another tooth we collected last year (two views of the same tooth, below):

The crown shape and enamel ornamentation is similar in these teeth, although the root shape is very different. Both of these teeth may represent some type of kentriodontid dolphin, but I don’t think it’s the same large species represented by a partial jaw.

Fish material continues to show up at an amazing rate, including this deformed vertebra (the deformation isn’t obvious in this view, but the ends of the vertebra no longer line up with each other):

Tomorrow we’re putting in a somewhat shorter day, since we have a bit of a crew changeover. I expect to see a number of new bones showing up now that we’re mostly through the weathered material and into fresh Calvert Formation.

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