Carmel Church Day 8

We had 14 people digging this morning, the largest single group I’ve ever had working at the quarry. We had students and/or faculty from Lynchburg College, Roanoke College, Earlham College, and two different high schools among the group.

Making it even more exciting, before lunch we had two van loads of educators and interpreters from VMNH and Caroline County Visitor Center arrive for a brief tour of the site. Since we have exhibits about the quarry in both locations, the idea was to let the interpreters see the site and an excavation first hand so that they can more effectively present the exhibits to the public. Among the diggers today was Virginia’s Secretary of Natural Resources Doug Domenech (who enlisted his whole family to help us out):

With such a large digging crew we made a lot of progress today, and out first jacket is almost ready for plaster (below). This is pretty much solid bone, and includes at least four vertebrae, a partial lower jaw, some turtle plates, and numerous unidentified bones.

One of the vertebrae is in the lower left part of the jacket. A few days ago I mentioned that I thought this was a possible atlas vertebrae, and now that we’ve uncovered a bit more it appears that was correct:

We still have a little more trench work to do, but I hope to have this top-jacketed by tomorrow afternoon.

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3 Responses to Carmel Church Day 8

  1. Tony Edger says:

    Great work. I know the heat is getting brutal. So, drink up and stay cool.

  2. Alton Dooley says:

    Thanks, Tony. It’s supposed to go well over 100F by Thursday. It’s going to be rough!

  3. shrieking denizen says:

    Your buddy Domenech, he isn’t the the coach of the Mundial’s French soccer team in hiding, right?

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