Carmel Church Day 9

We finally reached the point where we could make our first jacket today (jacket number 2010-03). In the photo above, it’s finally trenched and undercut, and ready for plaster. It’s a little larger than I would have liked, but there’s so much bone in this area that we really couldn’t make it any smaller. After two batches of plaster the top jacket was finally completed:

Assuming the plaster set well, we’ll flip this jacket tomorrow and move it out of the pit. That should enable us to get into another area that’s already showing signs of being quite rich.

At the other end of the pit, we seem to have uncovered a second large baleen whale lower jaw. It’s seen end-on as the curved bone in the middle of the image below:

I’ve discussed this before, but here’s another fine example of evidence that the bonebed and the conglomerate were deposited simultaneously. The light-colored object to the left of the scale bar is part of a vertebra (with several other bones nearby), surrounded above and below by rocks from the conglomerate:

Today was the last day for our Roanoke crew; for the rest of the week we’ll be continuing with a smaller group of diggers. Thanks to everyone for helping out!

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