Carmel Church Day 10

We’re starting to get a good idea now of where the excavation is going the rest of the week. We’re going to try to get a total of five jackets out. After successfully flipping the first jacket this morning, we have four more to go. The biggest challenge at this point may be the weather; the forecast is for temperatures in the high 90’s to over 100 F for the rest of the week.As we continue to try to dig the trenches that will define our jackets, a lot of interesting small material is beginning to come out, like the nice ray tail spine that Tim found (above). We also found several nice Notorynchus teeth:

The second tooth is particularly interesting, as the largest cusp on the tooth is broken and abraded; we see this on many sharks at Carmel Church, but not often on cow sharks.

Piper Lewis found the most exciting specimen of the day:

This is a partial lower jaw from a small dolphin, probably Xiphiacetus. We’ve never found any significant mandible material from small dolphins at Carmel Church, and in fact our single large kentriodontid is the only other well-preserved odontocete mandibular material. The new specimen even has several teeth still in place:

I’m planning to include the mandible in one of our upcoming jackets; tomorrow we’ll be trying to trench behind it.

To close tonight, here’s another sample of artwork from Christa’s first-graders at Monroeton Elementary, with predictions of what we would find:

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