Carmel Church Day 13

I was hoping that we would be finishing up today, but it just wasn’t to be. We successfully completed two more jackets (2010-04 and 05), but we were unable to complete the next two jackets because of all the bone found in their trenches. Perhaps the most spectacular specimen was this incredible fish premaxilla (above) that Christina found in the front of 2010-04. This has three teeth in place (one not yet erupted), the largest almost two centimeters in length. I’m not sure what kind of fish this is, but it’s something we haven’t seen before at Carmel Church.

The other big holdup was an apparent whale skull in the back trench around 2010-04; unfortunately I didn’t take any pictures of it today. Tomorrow morning I’ll try to work out how to either jacket or remove the skull.

The other excitement today is that Mike Morris (who donated this case to the museum last January) came through again, with a custom-made platform so we can stack jackets two-layers thick in the back of my truck (Mike is shown below with his assistants Josh and Rich, and their handiwork in the background):

If all goes well we’ll finish up tomorrow and head back to the museum.

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