There is an occupational hazard to having a job that you love, and that requires a lot of travel. In the 11 years I’ve been at VMNH as a full-time employee, I’ve had a total of three non-working, out-of-town vacations. That’s not to say I haven’t had any vacation time at all, but it’s usually limited to a day or two at the end of a conference or excavation, while on the drive back home, or a couple of days at home doing house repairs (not my idea of a vacation).

So, after two straight weeks of grant and manuscript writing, and since my boss has been bugging me to use a few of my several hundreds of hours of accumulated leave time, we’re going to spend the next 10-14 days in Maine, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and anyplace else that strikes our fancy (at least, anyplace else in the northeastern US). For at least part of the time we’ll be visiting Acadia National Park.

Of course, in a way it will still be a working vacation, since I’ll be writing blog posts about interesting natural history-related sites along the way. The blog doesn’t get a vacation, even if I do!

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2 Responses to Vacation!

  1. shrieking denizen says:

    Strange coincidence Dooley, my vacations took me to Miguasha earlier today. This was a big Devonian special. Fishes of all kinds and sizes. The museum is rather nice, a bit of history and a good number of specimens are shown. Couple of really spectcular 3-D fossils are on display. The history of the place is also featured, I found it terrible it took our own provincial gunmint almost 100 years tp protect the place against the raiding hordes. On the other hand some foreigner guys did wonder with the specimens they acquired. The authorities don’t want visitors to poach the (very small) park itself these days but I quickly found a small fossil fish a 100ft from the park s edge. It is plant and coprolithe galore out there as well.

  2. Alton Dooley says:

    SD, I’ve heard of Miguasha, but I’ve never been there. I think I saw some specimens from those deposits in the collections of the New Brunswick Museum when I visited there last year. Alas, this year Canada isn’t on the agenda.

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