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Beckley, again

I’ve been down with the flu or some similar illness for the last week, which has kept me away from the museum and most any other activity. Even though I’m still at home, I’ve finally recovered enough to blog on … Continue reading

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The first Carmel Church beaked whale (updated)

  Update: In a follow-up to this post, I essentially decided that almost everything I wrote below is wrong; See this post for details. Back in January I reported on a beaked whale tooth from Carmel Church, the first one found at … Continue reading

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Publication misconceptions

Over the last few weeks, the dinosaur blogs and vertpaleo listserv have been in an uproar over a rather atrocious paper that came out on sauropod dinosaur relationships. I’m not going to talk about that paper, in part because I’m … Continue reading

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More Ordovician rocks

In our continuing effort to collect enough Ordovician rocks for our upcoming exhibit, on Thursday I drove to Richmond, Indiana. There I met up with Earlham College professor and VMNH Research Associate Andy Moore for two days of collecting in … Continue reading

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National Fossil Day

In celebration of National Fossil Day, today (and yesterday) we unloaded our Ordovician fossils collected in Kentucky last Saturday and invited the public to help us clean them. 

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More Kentucky collecting

I spent the weekend in central Kentucky with a group from Radford University, collecting Ordovician rocks from the Clays Ferry and Drakes Formations. Unlike my previous visit to this area, this wasn’t a simple exploratory trip for me; this time I had … Continue reading

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Hobbies and science

I don’t usually have a lot of free time, but on those rare occasions when I do I like to build model airplanes. In paleontology I like prep work and I like tracking down and reading obscure references, and modeling … Continue reading

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