National Fossil Day

In celebration of National Fossil Day, today (and yesterday) we unloaded our Ordovician fossils collected in Kentucky last Saturday and invited the public to help us clean them. 

Our first big task was to unload the large coral colony we collected Saturday. Even though we somehow loaded this by hand, the prospect of dropping it and tearing the tailgate off my truck convinced me to get the museum’s Buildings and Grounds staff to help with the unloading:

We had a number of staff and visitors stop by to help out with the cleaning. By chance, World Progress Report was filming at the museum on Tuesday, so they spent some time with us as well.

Thanks to the VMNH Marketing, Education, and Buildings and Grounds departments for helping to make our first National Fossil Day event a success. Since the event was quite popular, and we’re going to be collecting a lot more Ordovician material over the next year, we’re now considering making this a more frequent activity at VMNH.

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