Carmel Church Day 1

I’m finally back at Carmel Church, hopefully for about a week. When Tim and I arrived this morning, we didn’t find any trees down, but the road to the site was partially washed out and the metal frame we use to support the tarps had finally fallen to pieces. Fortunately we were prepared for that, as I brought along a new tarp that is much simpler to set up and take down (the old one took over an hour to set up).

With only a week to dig we’re only opening a small pit. Even so, we started finding bones before lunch:

There are actually three bones in this picture, but I’m not sure what they are. The most obvious one is the curved bone near the center, which I believe is a small whale rib.

The highlight of the day was probably this enormous Isurus tooth; at almost 7 cm it’s one of the largest ones we’ve ever found at Carmel Church:

The biggest difficulty so far is sunset. This is the latest in the year I’ve ever excavated here, and the sun is setting behind the trees at 3:00 pm. By 4:00 it’s too dark to work, and that really cuts into our day. During the summer we often work past 6:00 pm.

Tomorrow’s forecast is rain, so I’m not sure how much we’ll get done, but after that it’s supposed to be clear the rest of the week.

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