Carmel Church Day 2

Tuesday we were rained out, and didn’t make it into the quarry at all. By this morning the weather was clear again and we were able to resume digging, even though the ground was still a bit soggy.

The typical pattern at Carmel Church is that we find a bone, and as we attempt to work around it so it can be removed we find a bunch of additional bones. The trip has been no exception, and starting from our two ribs and single vertebra on Monday we’ve found a whole range of bones and teeth, including the small odontocete tooth shown at the top (this may be a tooth from Xiphiacetus).

Here’s the progress on the excavation as of around 2:30 pm today:

That doesn’t look like much, so here’s a marked-up version of the same image:

Ribs are outlined in red, vertebrae are green, and blue are unidentified mystery bones. Everything above the purple line has not yet been excavated. Actually, later in the afternoon we removed some of the sediment near the center of the image and found at least 5 more bones.

I don’t know for sure that the pile of ribs come from one animal, but they are all about the same diameter and curvature as far as I can tell. We also found a vertebra on Monday fairly close to the one on the right side of the image.

Tomorrow we’ll continue moving the wall back in an attempt to get behind those ribs. If we can’t find anyplace to make a trench behind them, we may have to take them out individually.

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