Carmel Church Day 3

We’re settled into a routine now, as is usually the case after two or three days of digging. I’ve got a pretty good idea of how large an area is going to get removed, and at this point we’re trying to figure out the exact locations of the trenches. As always, there are tons of bones in the trenches that have to be removed. We took out parts of three small ribs today, including the one shown above. Curiously, this appears to be a complete posterior rib, but it’s remarkably thick for its length.

The highlight today actually happened within the first hour this morning. Tim found an apparent pine cone in the edge of the weathered zone:

This may not look like much, but while wood is common at Carmel Church it’s very soft and doesn’t preserve well. Cones in particular are extremely rare; this is only the fourth one we’ve ever found. The other three cones we have are all much smaller than this one. Even though this specimen is badly damaged it’s still a nice find.

Tomorrow we’ll continue trying to define our trench for the first (and probably only) jacket for this trip. We still have at least four bones that have to be removed before that can happen.

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