Carmel Church wrap up

We actually finished at Carmel Church late Saturday afternoon, but between driving home, unloading the truck and running various errands (including a software update on my computer) this is the first chance I’ve had to post.

We ended up removing one fairly large jacket that contained around 20 ribs, vertebrae, and other bones. The vertebra in the back of the jacket that I had been concerned about (just visible above in the shadows at the top, left of center) came out perfectly.

In addition to this jacket, we removed at least 3 other vertebrae, several ribs and other bones, and two bags containing a few hundred sharks teeth and fish bones. Nothing truly spectacular, but not too bad for a limited five-day excavation.

This should be our last trip to Carmel Church in 2010. I plan to start excavating here again sometime next March after the weather has warmed up a bit.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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