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Dinosaur plant – dinosaur not included

In the Discworld novel Maskerade, Terry Pratchett’s satirical look at the opera, one of the central characters is an opera singer named Christine. Christine is all looks with no talent, and goes breathlessly through life with very little in the way self-reflection, or … Continue reading

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Potomac sperm whale update

Since John Parker delivered a small Miocene sperm whale jaw to the museum last week, our volunteers have been eagerly removing sediment to expose the jaw. Without the mess of bones, rocks, and difficult geochemistry at Carmel Church, Calvert specimens actually prepare … Continue reading

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The flipper of a baby whale

During the first excavation at Carmel Church in 1991, I mapped the exposure and noted all the places I saw bone weathering out of the hillside. One of the things I recorded was a ‘possible juvenile mysticete.” In 1998 there … Continue reading

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New sperm whale donation

On January 6, while driving to Raleigh to examine NCSM’s Balaenula skull, I got a phone call from one of our volunteers, Virginia Tech student John Parker. John was standing in the middle of the Potomac River in Westmoreland County, and said … Continue reading

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Carmel Church education site

For the last several months, Brett, Christa Winingham, and I have been working on a new website to provide information about Carmel Church. The first components of that site are going active today, and the site can be accessed at … Continue reading

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North Carolina Balaenula

After a week of vacation and making a dent in overdue paperwork, I’m finally getting to do some real paleontology again. I spent all day yesterday at the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences, looking at the remarkable specimen of the right … Continue reading

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