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Fossil plants as art

Over the last few months DB and I have been working on making a dent in the huge backlog of fossil plants that have come to VMNH over the last two years, from both Boxley-Beckley and Tom McLoughlin’s donation. We’ve also been working … Continue reading

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Balaenula update

Laura Kellam and I returned to the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences yesterday to meet with Vince Schneider for further examination of the Balaenula skull from Lake Waccamaw. Craig Fitzpatrick has been fabricating and armature to support the cranium, and with most of … Continue reading

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Bourbon and Geology

A signature product of the southeastern United States, and one with which my family has had a generations-long relationship (at least as consumers), is bourbon whiskey. Bourbon is produced through a rather complex process involving the fermentation of corn and … Continue reading

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Trace fossils on whale ribs

Piedmont Governor’s School student Zach Turman is doing a project on quantifying shark bite marks on the ribs of the Carmel Church baleen whale “Sinistra”. This whale was heavily scavenged by sharks, and he’s finding tons of bites. However, he … Continue reading

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Potomac sperm whale completed

I’ve finally completed the preparation work on the small sperm whale jaw from Westmoreland County brought to the museum by John Parker last month. The jaw was crushed flat in the sediment, and required a fair amount of reassembly to restore it … Continue reading

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Darwin Day at Roanoke College

I spent all day Friday at Roanoke College, participating in Darwin Day celebrations. Darwin’s birthday is not actually until February 12, but thanks to DB Poli Darwin Day at Roanoke has evolved into an extravaganza with events spread over a … Continue reading

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From the Collections Room (Proboscidean femur)

My friend Bobby Boessenecker (who blogs at The Coastal Paleontologist) published a paper today with Frank Perry in the journal Palaios (abstract). In the paper they describe circular bite marks found on several fur seal bones from the Miocene-Pliocene Purisima Formation … Continue reading

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