Fossil plants as art

Over the last few months DB and I have been working on making a dent in the huge backlog of fossil plants that have come to VMNH over the last two years, from both Boxley-Beckley and Tom McLoughlin’s donation. We’ve also been working with Tom on a guidebook of Carboniferous plants of Virginia that’s based on this collection. To that end, while we’ve been cataloging these specimens, photographer Elizabeth Perkins has been driving down from Roanoke to take photos of them. Not all of the photos are for the guidebook, as the plants are so photogenic that they have substantial artistic value. So enjoy some of Elizabeth’s lovely images:


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2 Responses to Fossil plants as art

  1. DB Poli says:

    Just beautiful! These really show off some of nature’s beauty — from 300 million years ago. Thank you Elizabeth!

  2. Elizabeth – These are wonderful photos! Thanks so much for coming to VMNH and photographing our specimens. Joe

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