Carmel Church Day 1

We returned to Carmel church today for our first excavation of 2011. I’m planning to spend a week here, with Brett, Tim, and students from Roanoke College, William and Mary, and Virginia Tech. It poured rain here Saturday and Sunday so I was worried about the excavation this morning, but it was bright and sunny, and not nearly as muddy as I had feared. We were able to start removing overlying sediment right away.

By early afternoon a number of bones and teeth started showing up. Christina Byrd had particularly good luck today, finding this turtle plate in the morning:

She also found this partial ray tooth battery in the afternoon:

Brett also did pretty well today, with a large whale vertebra new the west edge of the pit:

The forecast is good through at least Wednesday, so we should be able to expose more material tomorrow.

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2 Responses to Carmel Church Day 1

  1. Tony Edger says:

    Looking good. I suspect the weather forecast for the latter half of the week has you worried. I assume there is a trade-off with the rain — lots of mud but new material exposed, but, perhaps heavy rain tips the balance against you.

  2. Alton Dooley says:

    Quite worried about the weather Thursday. Rain is never good for us at Carmel Church, because we don’t depend on that to expose material; we find almost everything through direct excavation (one of the advantages to working in a quarry instead of on a river).

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