Pi Day

Today, March 14, is Pi Day. Brett suggested that I mark the day by writing a non-repeating, non-ending blog post, but I though that might be a little beyond my writing stamina limits (not to mention your reading stamina). Therefore, I’ve decided to post pictures of Nature’s tributes to the circle, as expressed in various fossils. Enjoy!

Top: A crinoid stem segment.

The Boxley stromatolite:

Probable barnacle scar on a whale bone:

Tooth sockets from Squalodon whitmorei:

Diatom Coscinodiscus marginatus:

Holes drilled in a Chesapecten shell by predatory snails:

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1 Response to Pi Day

  1. Gary Alcina says:

    The [Diatom Coscinodiscus Marginatus] picture also reminded me of the Fibonacci Sequence. Similarities include pine cones and the center of a sunflower. -Gary Alcina

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