Peeps show

We are currently holding the First Annual VMNH Peeps Show, with ten examples of Peeps diorama artwork produced by staff and volunteers on exhibit in the Education Center. Shown above is “Field Trip!”, with a chocolate Bunnysaurus and a chocolate stromatolite in the VMNH Great Hall.

A tour of the museum wouldn’t be complete without a walk through the “Peeps Hall of Marshmallow Diversity”:

There are several entries with an archaeology theme, including “Prehistoric PEEPles”:

Yes, that’s a dolphin roasting on the spit:

Here’s “Carrot Pompeii”:

“Native Peeples” show lots of examples of the gruesome things Peeps can do to one another:

“Science Lab!” shows Peeps in class, complete with a volcano demonstration:

Peeps apparently beat NASA to Mars, in “Peep into USA Invasion of Mars”:

Brett and I discovered Mendel’s lost notebook describing his genetic experiments in “Mendel’s Peeps”:

“Peep-Sea Diving” explores the diversity of underwater exploration:

This can include wonders such as the Octopeep, but can also be hazardous:

In fact, it’s perhaps a mildly disturbing commentary on the museum field that 40% of the entries involved the horrific deaths of Peeps by various means, including “Definition of a Bad Day”:

Thanks to Elizabeth Moore for organizing the VMNH Peeps Show. The Peep art will be on exhibit at the museum for the rest of the day.

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3 Responses to Peeps show

  1. DB says:

    Oh the horror! Peeps are so yummy, maybe that is why they are always being munched on? 🙂 Great idea and wonderful execution by all!

  2. Elizabeth Moore says:

    The Peep dioramas are now on display in the Archaeology Lab window. Peeps are also particularly vicious to chocolate bunnies.

  3. Doug says:

    Those got pretty creative, macabre or otherwise. I particularly loved the first 2

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