Wyoming Day 1

Even though most of our diggers don’t arrive until tomorrow, this morning I headed out to the Two Sisters dinosaur site with Tim (above) and my co-leader, Dr. Brooke Haiar from Lynchburg College:

There’s been a lot of rain in the Shell area lately, and while it hasn’t rained here in several days the drive out was a little muddy:

We spent some time reviewing the stratigraphy and the field notes from earlier excavations, and then started removing overburden, actually exposing a small amount of bone. But in the early afternoon we had to rush to leave, as weather started rapidly closing in:

We made it back to the paved road just as the rain hit. It was an impressively fast moving storm that actually went on to plow straight into the Big Horn Mountains:

Tomorrow will be spent picking up people at the airport, buying supplies, and perhaps doing a little reconnaissance. On Monday we begin digging much more extensively.

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