Wyoming Day 3

Last night five new diggers arrived, including volunteers and students from Lynchburg College and Emory University, so this morning we were able to start digging for real. On Saturday Brooke found a small bone, which took some of our attention this morning:

We still haven’t figured out what this is.

A look at my 2009 field notes showed that we had reburied some bones under a winter jacket on the last day of our excavation that year. That meant removing more of the backfill:

We eventually found the winter jacket, with several bones underneath, including a rib (the lower of the two bones):

There is also a fair amount of plant material in the bonebed, including this probable conifer needle:

Late in the afternoon we packed up as some rather impressive storms gathered on the horizon:

The storms moved through relatively quickly, so we should be able to get an early start in the morning.

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