Wyoming Day 5

We’re starting to settle into a routine at the site, now that a fair amount of bone is uncovered. The first task today was to remove the bone we found on the very first day, a nondescript fragment that may be a vertebral zygapophysis (above). This is actually the third bone we’ve removed (TS2-11-03, in our note-taking parlance), as we took out two small bones yesterday. There was a small bone going almost straight down underneath this one, which we also removed:

Finally it was time for our first jacket, a rib fragment that volunteer Milton Hundley first uncovered yesterday:

Milton and student Mike Mosier were making their first jacket, but everything went smoothly:

Milton with his first jacket:

The afternoon was largely spent removing more overburden and dealing with a mass of bones we found next to Milton’s rib. We’ll continue working on those tomorrow.

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2 Responses to Wyoming Day 5

  1. lpriddyhundley says:

    What type of “creature” is this from?

  2. Alton Dooley says:

    It’s probably from some type of sauropod dinosaur, but I can’t say beyond that. Even saying sauropod is just playing the odds; everything we’ve identified at Two Sisters so far has been sauropod.

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