“Updates” has moved

I’ve been writing “Updates” for almost four years, and during that entire time the posts have been generated in Apple’s webpage generator iWeb, and hosted on Apple’s MobileMe service and its predecessors. Even though there were limitations to this setup, I chose to use it because it gave me better control over layout and video.

A few weeks ago, Apple announced that they were no longer supporting iWeb, and that they would be discontinuing web hosting next year, so that the thousands of iWeb generated web sites would have to be relocated (yes, I’m a little bitter).

Because there were no guarantees that Apple would fix any glitches that arose, I decided not to wait and transfer “Updates” to WordPress immediately. Unfortunately, because Apple uses an unusual html coding, there is currently no automatic way to import iWeb blogs to other platforms. Therefore, I’ve spent all my spare time the last few weeks transferring all 435 posts and 1,062 comments to WordPress by hand, one at a time (did I mention I’m a little bitter?).

So, a few things to note:

  1. If you use the RSS feed, the new feed is: feed://vmnhpaleontology.wordpress.com/feed/
  2. The old me.com address will no longer be updated, although it’s still active until Apple dumps it (unless I do so first).
  3. www.paleolab.org had been redirected to this site.
  4. I’ve dropped the topic archive pages. Instead, topics can be accessed from the “Categories” drop-down menu.
  5. Various other pages, including the Carmel Church Educational Site, have not yet been moved but will be in the coming months.

There should be some advantages to the switch, as well. WordPress pages load much more quickly than iWeb pages. I can also update the blog now from my phone or iPad, which may allow me to make more timely updates from the field.

So, enjoy the new site, and if you have suggestions for how it could be improved please leave them in the comments.

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4 Responses to “Updates” has moved

  1. Ron Schott says:

    I’m newly subscribed. The new site looks good. Would you consider making the RSS feed fulltext?

  2. altondooley says:

    Thanks, Ron.
    I’m new to WordPress, so I’m still learning my way around. If I can find a way to make the RSS feed fulltext, I’ll probably do so.

  3. mike says:

    it really does load faster!

    to me it looks clean and more scientific as well.
    other than missing your carmel church links, i like it.

    i am sure that switching was horrible by hand,
    most people do not realize how much work it is to maintain websites.

    you did a great job doing it. it is also nice that i can be notified by email when you do a post
    just by entering my email when making this comment.

    see you in a couple of weeks

  4. mike says:

    also when clicking on images, i can see them full scale – nice!

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