Carmel Church Day 4


It’s hot out there! But due to the perseverance and dedication of Amanda, Laura, and Drew we still got 9 hours on site today, in spite of the injuries (such as blisters) that can be caused by hours of continuous digging:


We’ve opened up a fairly large pit now, and in addition to the three apparent dentaries (one of which has been removed) we’ve begun exposing several smaller bones. Here’s an overview of the pit:


Here’s the same image with some (not all) of the bones indicated:


We also removed a few bones today. Drew found this apparent partial drumfish pharyngeal plate, with several tooth sockets preserved:


Amanda found this huge fish articular (one of the bones in the lower jaw); the preserved portion is 9 cm long:


It’s supposed to be even hotter tomorrow, so we’ll have to see how things progress. We’ve already adjusted our schedule to start earlier in the morning, so we should still get a fair amount of work done.

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One Response to Carmel Church Day 4

  1. Joe Keiper says:

    Glad to see the students busy! Nice work Laura, staying integrated into the Carmel Church Story!

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