Carmel Church Day 5


Quarries are always hotter than the surrounding areas, even if the effects are somewhat mitigated at Carmel Church by the flooded pit and extensive vegetation. So How hot was it in the quarry today? Here’s the truck thermometer; the truck had been sitting in the shade with the windows down.

The heat didn’t keep us away from the pit, although we did shorten the working day by about 2 hours. Even with the lost time we had a very productive day. Here’s an overall view of the pit:


Here’s a marked-up version:


Red outlines are probable dentary fragments, green are vertebra, and dark blue are other bones. The areas outside the light blue lines have not yet been excavated.

We’ve found several additional vertebrae, but the big find today was another substantial part of a dentary, which is marked near the middle of the image above. Here’s a closeup, with the new bone on the left (this image is rotated 90 degrees counterclockwise relative to the image above):


This is an interesting fragment, in that it’s in line with the first dentary fragment we found, but it’s sitting much deeper. I don’t yet know if it’s a new bone or the anterior portion of the same dentary that’s just broken off.

For you shark lovers, we also recovered this nice Isurus or Isurus-like tooth:


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