Carmel Church Day 6


With another hot day today, I had intended to leave the pit early. Of course that didn’t happen, and while we did take a long lunch break we ended up staying on site until well after 6:00 pm.

Part of the reason we stayed so long is that we were trying to get a top jacket on one of the whale dentaries. In the photo above, we’ve completed a trench around the bone. Racing against a thunderstorm we actually completed the top jacket, but I wasn’t able to take a picture of it because the storm had arrived and we were busy trying to secure the site.

The biggest new find of the day was a complete sea turtle left humerus that Drew and Amanda found in the trench around the whale jaw:


This is a pretty large bone, and there are two turtles known from Carmel Church that are potential candidates: Syllomus and Procolpochelys. From published images neither is a perfect match, but I think it’s closest to Syllomus, the more common taxon at the quarry (Syllomus is very common everywhere in the upper part of the Calvert Formation). This is the second turtle humerus we’ve found at Carmel Church, and the first essentially complete one.

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