Carmel Church Day 7


Even though it was cooler today, thunderstorms rolled into the area early and drove us off the site by lunchtime. Even so, we were able to flip and remove yesterday’s jacket, containing a whale lower jaw.

We made some progress on a few other bones. I removed a small vertebra that Laura found a few days ago, which turned out to be much stranger than I thought. I had originally believed that this was a fairly typical odontocete thoracic vertebra, but upon removal it turns out to be a rather unusual cervical vertebra (below, in anterior and posterior views):



I think this is a cervical vertebra, and I’m pretty sure it’s cetacean, but I’m not positive on either count. It’s very elongate for a cetacean cervical, and the centrum outline is unusual. We have pulled out similar, but smaller, vertebrae from Carmel Church in the past, but this one is more complete. I’m hopeful that we might finally be able to figure out what these are coming from.

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One Response to Carmel Church Day 7

  1. Doug says:

    sea cow maybe?

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