Carmel Church Day 8


Once again our day was cut short by thunderstorms, but only after we made a fair amount of progress. We’ve now removed quite a bit of material from the pit, as is clear in the image above. Even so, a lot of bones remain, and we’re still finding new ones. Here’s the same image, marked up:


Red represents dentary, green are probable vertebrae, and blue are unidentified. The new dentary fragment we discovered a few days ago does appear to be the front half of the other dentary remains next to it, and we’ve now discovered the anterior tip of it. Here’s a closeup of the tip:


And the same image, marked up (the color key is the same as above):


All those blue areas are newly-discovered mystery bones. I have no idea yet what they are, but they’re going to be in the way when we try to remove the dentary.

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