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Baraboo geology, Part 3

The reason I took Tim to Baraboo for his field lab was that the region has a pretty complex geologic story that has to be inferred from measurements and data collected at multiple stops. There isn’t one locality that we … Continue reading

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Baraboo geology, Part 2

Part 1 is available here. On the second day of our Baraboo geologic excursion, Tim and I left the hotel early and headed to Stop 7, a famous locality called Van Hise Rock. Another car was already in the parking … Continue reading

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Baraboo geology, Part 1

I’ve finally returned home from the GSA conference, with a diversion along the way to collect Ordovician fossils. But on our drive out to the conference, we detoured to Baraboo, Wisconsin so Tim could work on a geology field lab. … Continue reading

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GSA wrap-up, and Goodsell Observatory

Tim and I started back home on Wednesday, with several planned stops along the way. Even with a long drive ahead of us, I did find time this morning to make it to one talk. Michael Zaleha looked at river-related sedimentary structures … Continue reading

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GSA meeting, Day 3

After my late night on Monday, I got a bit of a late start this morning but still made it to the poster session with plenty of time to look around. Jared Karr and Matthew Clapham looked at the preservation … Continue reading

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GSA meeting, Day 2

Today was a busy day for me. I made an attempt to get to more posters this morning, but spent most of my time at just one poster, talking to Laura Vietti about her work with John Greer and John … Continue reading

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GSA meeting, Day 1

This isn’t really the first day of the Geological Society of America meeting, but it’s the first day I’m participating after arriving in Minneapolis last night (and after spending several hours trying to park, after discovering that the parking garage … Continue reading

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Parfrey’s Glen

Thursday morning Tim and I began driving from Martinsville to Minneapolis for the Geological Society of America meeting. Tim is currently taking a geology class from Brett and me, which includes several field labs. A site we picked for one … Continue reading

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A squalodont at the Calvert Marine Museum

After finishing up at the Smithsonian, I made the short drive to Solomons, Maryland to visit the Calvert Marine Museum and their paleontology curator, Stephen Godfrey. Stephen and I have been planning to work on a particular project together for some … Continue reading

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