Indiana State Museum


Last Thursday I made yet another trip to Indiana, this time for visits to Earlham College and the Indiana State Museum. I had arranged to meet ISM’s paleontologist, Ron Richards, to spend Friday looking at Pleistocene squirrels from various Indiana sites, like the femur shown above.

(I’ve been doing a lot of teasing about my squirrel research over the last 6 months or so, which was the reason for my visits to both ISM and Earlham; I promise I will be describing it in more detail in a few weeks!)

After several hours in the collections, I had only a few minutes to run through the exhibits. Indiana State Museum has some very good paleontology displays, especially of Paleozoic fossils. They also have some great models and dioramas, such as this giant eurypterid:


This model shows a dire wolf that was trapped in a cave and preserved, along with vast numbers of other animals:


I’d like to thank Ron for making my visit to the Indiana State Museum both pleasant and productive.

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