General Assembly Building Exhibit


For the last week VMNH has had an exhibit set up in the lobby of Virginia’s General Assembly Building in Richmond. The museum’s research activities were a particular focus for the exhibit, with special emphasis on Carmel Church, which is only about 30 miles from here.

The Carmel Church part of the exhibit focused on the biodiversity of the site, and included specimens from most of the major groups we’ve found there over the years. We also highlighted several individual stories, including “Popeye’s” large flippers, “Nemo’s” broken flipper, and the shark bite marks on “Caroline’s” vertebrae.


Even though the exhibit was only up for a week, it was well received and made a lot of people (including state legislators) more aware of VMNH’s activities. The Carmel Church part of the exhibit will be on display again next Friday at Roanoke College as part of their Darwin Day celebrations.


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