Darwin Day at Roanoke College


Last Friday Roanoke College held their 5th annual Darwin Day celebration, in honor of Charles Darwin’s birthday (which was actually on February 12). Thanks to the efforts of DorothyBelle Poli this has become a big event at the college, and includes lectures, videos, scavenger hunts, and all kinds of additional activities. Each of the last two years, VMNH has participated by setting up a small paleontology exhibit in the student center.

This year I used the Carmel Church exhibit that we put together for display in Virginia’s General Assembly Building two weeks ago. This includes more than 30 individual specimens representing a broad range of species found at the quarry, as well as some stories about individual whales.

This has proven to be a popular exhibit, and I’m looking at the possibility of casting the included specimens and making a more refined and comprehensive version for traveling displays.


I’d like to thank DB Poli for inviting us to participate, and Tim Dooley and Shana Melanaphy for helping to set up and take down the exhibit.

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