Carmel Church Day 2


This morning we were visited by William and Mary student John Hollis and Molly Cox from VIMS, who are looking at structural features in the Hylas Fault Zone. The bedrock under the sediments at Carmel Church (above) sit right in the middle of this zone, and are heavily deformed as a result. See Chuck Bailey’s post for more details about John’s research

By the afternoon we had settled into a routine, and began making real progress in the pit. Unfortunately, we’re not finding a lot of material. Of course, at Carmel Church “not a lot” means a couple dozen shark teeth, a few fish vertebrae, and bits and pieces of cetaceans. Tim found this small rib, probably from some dolphin-sized odontocete:


Shana found a nice dermal bone from an ocean sunfish:


We also found a fairly large amount of wood. Wood from Carmel Church is so soft that it’s very difficult to collect, but Shana managed to save a fairly large piece:


I also removed yesterday’s strange mystery bone, but now that I have it out of the ground I’m no closer to identifying it:


Even with these small elements, so far we’ve found so few large bones that we may not have to make any jackets. I should know by tomorrow afternoon if jackets will be necessary.

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2 Responses to Carmel Church Day 2

  1. Bobby says:

    Could that weird mystery bone be an oddly preserved and partial odontocete atlas?

  2. altondooley says:

    I think I see what you’re looking at, but I don’t think it’s an atlas. The shape is all wrong, especially on the other side ( not visible in this photo). There is a concavity on the other side, but it’s too deep and narrow for an atlas. It actually reminds me a bit of the palatine or pterygoid, but the bone texture seems wrong; this is a really spongy bone.

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