Carmel Church Day 4


After yesterday’s burst of new bones, we had two clear areas to focus on today. The main target were the dentary fragments. Further digging (above) showed that these are almost certainly from the same dentary. But the bone has been shattered. The anterior end is broken off and shifted out of position, and posteriorly there are multiple breaks.

It turned out that this bone didn’t require jacketing. The multiple clean breaks that were already separated allowed us to divide it into two relatively small pieces that we removed directly. The bad news is that, after the posterior break, the dentary actually continues into the wall. We’re looking at 4-5 days work to get the posterior end out of the ground, do we had to leave the rest buried for now. We’ll recover that on our next excavation.

The other task today was to remove a cache of unidentified bones that Drew found yesterday on the right side of the pit. These turned out to be a bunch of small, unrelated fish and odontocete bones that were easily removed. Here’s an image from my field notes showing what we pulled out there:


With the bulk of the exposed bones removed, and no way to get more out with a major, multi-day effort, we decided to close down the pit for the time being. I plan to do one or two large excavations at Carmel Church later this year. I’d like to thank Shana, Mike, Josh, and Drew for making this excavation a success.

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2 Responses to Carmel Church Day 4

  1. BH says:

    Sounds like you got some good stuff, and really set yourself up for this summer. Good work Butchie!

  2. accpaleo says:

    “he bad news is that, after the posterior break, the dentary actually continues into the wall.” Only at Carmel Church can you complain about finding more of a specimen!

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