Reinforcements arrive


With the size of them VMNH paleontology collections, I’ve gradually fallen further and further behind in specimen preparation and cataloging. Hopefully we can now start to address that backlog. Today was the first day of work for our new research technician, Ray Vodden. Ray comes to us with a wealth of experience in fossil and modern specimen preparation with the Field Museum and Triebold Paleontology. He’s the first person we’ve hired to do fossil prep since…well, me (my first full-time job here was as the lab manager). To be fair, Ray isn’t just going to be doing fossil prep; he’ll also be working for the other research departments. But he’ll still be able to help increase our fossil preparation rate, which will give me more things to talk about on the blog.

Welcome, Ray!

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1 Response to Reinforcements arrive

  1. Mike Morriss says:

    Glad to see you have help. I know you needed it.

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