Petridish update


We’re just over a third of the way through our Petridish crowdfunding campaign, with 38 days still to go. Unfortunately we’re a little behind pace, with pledges so far for $701 (our goal is $4000). So if you can spare a few dollars, please help us out.

One of the things we offer through Petridish is rewards for different levels of support. A pledge of $250 gets you a cast replica of one of the smaller Carmel Church specimens, molded in our lab and hand-painted by either Ray or me. Above are examples of some of the casts we’re considering for the $250 level. On the left is a tooth from a kentriodontid dolphin, Hadrodelphis or something similar. On the right is a tooth from the large shark Carcharocles megalodon.

For a $1000 pledge you also get a cast, but of a larger specimen. I’m considering something like a bull ray dentition, or a large crocodile scute.

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