Carmel Church Day 5


We had a very productive day, locating several new bones. The first task this morning was to further widen the pit, and to complete the removal of the articulated fish vertebrae that Courtland found yesterday. As it turned out, the series ended with the last vertebra exposed yesterday (above).

After removing the fish vertebra I found two whale vertebrae behind them, which is going to require further expansion of the pit. James has found several possible vertebrae and two ribs nearby, and by this afternoon we had defined our second jacket:


Here’s the marked-up version:


In this image, red are vertebrae, blue are unidentified bones, and green are ribs. Courtland later found a third rib just on the extreme left of the image. The jacket is the lump on the center left, and includes a vertebra and at least two other bones, which I think are also likely vertebrae.

Here’s the completed top jacket:


Meanwhile, on the west side of the pit Drew found several fish bones, including this tuna caudal vertebra:


Amanda found a pair of whale caudal vertebrae, a few inches apart but apparently unrelated to one another (different sizes, shapes, position in the tail, and preservation). We removed one, while the second is still in the ground:



We closed the pit down a little after 5:00 pm due to approaching thunderstorms, but plan to be back on site tomorrow morning.

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