Carmel Church Day 12


We spent today working on the trench around our last jacket, and removing teeth and small bits of bone that didn’t warrant a jacket, such as this nice shark vertebra that Tim pulled out of the west side of the pit (above).

In the same general area, we also found this large Isurus tooth:


Our last jacket will be on the east side of the pit, and will include several vertebrae and numerous fish bones. We didn’t get the jacket made today because of several bones that were sitting in the trench, including this partial rib:


One of the more unusual bones we recovered from the trench was this reworked radius:


At least, i think it’s a radius I’m not convinced it’s from a cetacean, though. It’s quite thick and very heavy, and I wonder if it might be from a sirenian. I don’t have references with me, so I’ll have to wait until I get home to confirm the identification.

If all goes well, we’ll finish our last jacket tomorrow and then head home after a successful two weeks. As I look back over my posts from this trip, I realize I may have given the impression that we haven’t found that many fossils. That’s not the case. We haven’t found any articulated whale skeletons this trip, but we’ve recovered a lot of significant remains. As an example, here’s a partial sampling of the shark teeth we’ve found on this trip:


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One Response to Carmel Church Day 12

  1. George says:


    The shark spinal centrum is neat and the teeth are great. You certainly have excavated a protein rich area. The smaller sharks are scavengers and surely shed their teeth in great numbers. . After my proceedure I hope to assist you folks since i had so much fun over the years recovering cetaceans and land mammal remains. One time with Nick i found some horse teeth

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