Airigami comes to VMNH


For the last three days, the balloon sculpture artists from Airigami have been in VMNH’s Hall of Ancient Life, installing a temporary extension of our current “Dinosaurs” exhibit. Just as one of the centerpieces of the exhibit is the cast skeleton of Acrocanthosaurus, the Airigami display is built around a life-size, fleshed-out Acrocanthosaurus, made entirely out of balloons.

Acrocanthosaurus didn’t live in isolation, so the Airigami artists built a small ecosystem to go along with it, including cycads, angiosperms, and insects and other arthropods.




They even included Acrocanthosaurus‘s contributions to the larger ecosystem, complete with feeding flies:



The Airigami display will be at VMNH for the next week or so. I’d like to thank all the artists at Airigami for their impressive display of paleo balloon art.


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One Response to Airigami comes to VMNH

  1. Thanks for hosting us. We had a great time. Everyone in the museum – staff, visitors, volunteers – were all fantastic to work with.

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