Casting the Earlham Castoroides, Part 4


We’ve completed our fourth day of work molding and casting Earlham College’s skeleton of the giant beaver Castoroides ohioensis, and things are starting to pick up. We have a virtual assembly line of molds in progress, and both start new ones and complete old ones each day.

Ray added new layers of silicone to the cranium and mandible:



While most of the molds for this project will be block molds, the skull and mandible are thin-wall molds that will use a plaster and fiberglass outer shell to maintain shape. These take longer to make, but the greatly reduce the amount of expensive silicone we need, which is significant on large elements like the skull.

We also flipped and poured the second side of several molds, including caudal vertebrae 15-19:


…and caudals 12-14:


…as well as the left humerus:


We started new molds of the left hand:


…and the right foot:


We’re now starting to actually get a significant number of casts poured:


In the image above, all the white bones (11 of them) are new casts. The dark bones have not yet been molded, and anything that’s missing is somewhere in the molding or casting process.

Ray and I are going to be working through the weekend, so there’s more to come.

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