Casting the Earlham Castoroides, Part 9


Today was our longest day yet, but the 12 hours were well worth it; we completed our first casts of the skull!


Joseph Moore Museum director Heather Lerner poured and demolded one of the copies of the cranium:


It’s also worth remembering just how giant the giant beaver was, with Ray for scale:


The skull wasn’t our only accomplishment today. As can be seen in the image at the top, we’ve also completed the lumbar series and most of the left forelimb, as well as about half of the thoracic vertebrae. The remaining thoracics are already being molded:


…as are caudal vertebrae 6-8:


…and the left radius:


Tomorrow, assuming our new shipment of silicone arrives, we’ll be making a complex mold of the sternum, and will start several other molds.

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