Casting the Earlham Castoroides, Part 11


We’ve almost completed the molding portion of our project. In fact, we started the last two molds today, the innominates (left and right halves of the pelvis):


We also are finishing up the last few cervical and caudal vertebrae:




…as well as the last limb elements, the left tibia and fibula:


To be completely accurate, there are a few bones, including most of the cervical vertebrae, that were not preserved. We need to sculpt those and then mold them back at VMNH, so there are a few pieces still to go. We’re also making a few teaching molds for Earlham to use in their museum studies program, and those aren’t finished yet. But we’ll be pretty much finished molding this weekend, and we’re now spending most of our time casting.

For those in eastern Indiana or western Ohio, tomorrow from 1:00 to 5:00 Ray and I will be doing a public casting demonstration at the Joseph Moore Museum, in which we’ll be pouring casts of giant beaver bones as well as teeth from various Pleistocene animals from Saltville, Virginia. Copies of many of these casts will be for sale, so if you’ve always wanted your own giant beaver humerus or baby mastodon tooth, now’s your chance!

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