Casting the Earlham Castoroides, Part 12


We spent a few hours this morning pouring our last molds, but our entire afternoon was taken up by a public demonstration at the Joseph Moore Museum.

For several months Ray and I have been discussing how to turn our casting activities into public events for educational and fundraising purposes. To that end we’ve made a series on durable one-part molds of various teeth. These molds can be used lots of times, so we can produce large numbers of casts pretty rapidly. We’ve also been refining our painting techniques so that we can paint more rapidly.



We’ve actually reached the point that we can pour a new resin tooth and have it hand-painted in less than an hour (between us we can do about 10 teeth per hour). This gives us the ability to do programs in which visitors can watch the entire casting process, and at the end they can purchase the tooth they just watched being made.


We spent the afternoon trying out our public casting program for the first time, while simultaneously teaching Earlham students about casting and painting, as well as about the anatomy of the animals they were casting.

We hope this will be the first of many such programs, and in fact we’ve already scheduled one in Virginia next month.

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